shikurai17 (shikurai17) wrote,

another upload update

I missed uploading some songs that I had from my first post, so I'll upload them here.

Mugendai [KJ1 mix].mp3 ( 4164 KB ):

Mugendai [KJ1 mix].mp3 ( 4164 KB ):

Mirai no Mukou he.mp3 ( 4134 KB ):

ONE.mp3 ( 3420 KB ):

Sakura Uta Oh! ENKA [KJ1 mix].mp3 ( 3686 KB ):

High Position (subaru band).mp3 ( 3883 KB ):

Ai ni Mukatte.mp3 ( 4549 KB ):

Hatenaki Sora.mp3 ( 4730 KB ):

Enjoy. ^^


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